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Company Overview

Our facilities featuring world-leading automated production and IT technologies.


Business with us

We continuously strive for new heights of excellence and cost effectiveness.


Range of Products

We produce aluminum beverage Cans, and also supply beverage Can ends. 


Cans Design Studio

We designs the Can itself, and can help the client with his artworks for printing on Cans.


Our Cleints

We supplies PepsiCo bottlers worldwide – USA, Russia, Germany, Lebanon and Bahrain.


Inovative Solutions

CCMC provides special requirements, such as readable cans for reverse vending machines. 


Company Overview

We have over a decade of experience in building quality beverage cans for some of the leading companies. While the Consolidated Can Manufacturing Company was established in 2009, we moved into our current facility in 2015, from where we have continued to deliver quality products. 

CCMC has one facility in Jeddah and is working on opening new office locations across the country.

Companies who have worked with us have attested to our outstanding and consistent quality. More importantly, we pay attention to customers' needs and deploy the best technology to manufacture high-quality beverage cans.


We leverage state-of-the-art technology and equipment for manufacturing top-notch aluminum beverage cans. While we pay attention to detail and build quality cans, what customers love most about our beverage cans is the easy open ends our Cans come with.

We produce over 2 billion cans annually and currently working toward improving our capacity.


Our facility in Jeddah deploys some of the most advanced technology, including CDL technology, to produce beverage cans that meet industry standards.

Company Overview

Our Vision

CCMC aspires to become the one-stop destination for companies looking for high-quality beverage cans. While our commitment to manufacturing quality products is unwavering, we are working assiduously to become the leading packaging company for suppliers in the Middle East and abroad. We strive to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products that add value to our customers.

Do business with us

Do Business with us

Are you looking for high-quality aluminum cans for your products and looking for a company that will deliver exactly as promised? Well, you’re welcome to give the Consolidated Can Manufacturing Company a try. We deploy high-quality aluminum materials and state-of-the-art technology to build sleek and practical beverage cans that are perfect for your products.

While we deploy the best technologies to produce quality products our customers have come to love, we are also committed to promoting and supporting environmental awareness and sustainability. That’s why we ensure our products are eco-friendly and recyclable. To be specific, our water treatment facility is capable of recycling 98% of wastewater.

Can Design Studio

Cans Design Studio


Beyond just producing quality cans we believe that an appealing visual representation of a brand is in most cases the perfect first impression, as such, we have a dedicated department that works alongside the printing department to ensure that our clients' branding requirements and needs are met.


Our design studio comprises a team of creative professional graphic designers, and art illustrators fully equipped with industry-standard computer design software and a conducive creative space where they not only brainstorm and create new can designs but also apply branding themes to known brands on a different variety of cans sizes.


Capacity & Capability

CCMC currently works at full capacity and has consistently produced two billion cans annually. In the future, we plan to expand our current capacity to be able to produce more beverage cans. See our range of products to see the type and sizes of cans we are able to manufacture at our current facility in Jeddah. 

While 35% of our current products are sold in Saudi, the remaining 65% are exported overseas. Of the over 2 billion cans we produce annually, 850 million cans are exported to brands overseas, which makes up nearly 70% of our annual production capacity. 

Our Clients

Our Clients

Since we kicked off operation over a decade ago, we have successfully worked with some of the top beverage companies. 


We currently manufacture beverage cans for PepsiCo on four different continents, including the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle east. Our top customers include Pepsi USA facilities, Pepsi Russia facilities, Pepsi Germany, Pepsi Uzebikatans, and more. 

Our vision is to become the one-stop destination for brands looking for high-quality beverage cans of different sizes. 

Facility and Location

Production Lines

Our production lines include aluminum sheet printing, and variety of cans size production lines.


These production lines have allowed us to meet our commitments of producing quality beverage cans of different sizes for our clients.


CCMC has a knack for building quality products because we know you deserve the best.


Our facility in Jeddah takes quality control seriously and makes sure we don’t cut corners. Besides deploying top-notch technology for our products, we also use high-quality aluminum materials to ensure our clients get the best. Before delivering end products to our clients, we subject our products to rigorous quality assurance and testing, ensuring clients get exactly what they paid for.

Quality Policy

Awards & Certifications

Since we kicked off operation in 2009 and moved to our current facility in Jeddah in 2015, we have gotten a number of certifications that have ensured we remained in business and compete with some of the big names in this industry. The Consolidated Can Manufacturing Company Ltd has an ISO 9001:2015 certification in quality management. We also have an FSSC 2000 certification in Food Safety systems. To crown it all, we are a Pepsi International Approved Supplier.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

CCMC provides innovative solutions for special requirement, such as manufacturing readable cans for reverse vending machines. 

A reverse vending machine (RVM) is a machine that allows a person to insert a used or empty cans in exchange for a reward. After inserting the recyclable item, it is then compacted, sorted, and analyzed according to the number of ounces, materials, and brand using the universal product code on the bottle. Once the item has been scanned and approved, it is then crushed and sorted into the proper storage space for the classified material.


Range of Products

When it comes to manufacturing top-notch beverage containers, no one does it better than the Consolidated Can Manufacturing Company Ltd. We deploy high-quality materials and the best technologies to produce beverage cans you’ll be proud of.

Our current beverage can specifications include the following..

Reguler Cans

Our 211dia (regular/standard) size cans with 202dia ends comes in 300ml, 330ml, and 500ml can packs.

Sleek Cans

Our 204dia (sleek) size cans with 202dia ends comes in 300ml, 330ml and 355ml packs.

Slim Cans

202dia (slim) size cans with 200dia ends.

Lastly, Cans in this category have the following sizes: 150ml, 185ml, and 250ml.

What companies love most about us is the fact that we offer a wide range of aluminum cans. We have the latest computer to print technology and deliver beverage cans in eight colors. From carbonated beverages to juices to mineral water to energy drinks to ice tea and more, our beverage cans are suitable for various products.

CCMC offer aluminum cans and ends and also uses the latest computer to print (CTP) technology and can deliver beverage cans in eight colors suitable for carbonated beverages, juices, mineral water, energy drinks, iced teas, RTD’s and dairy based products.

Range of Products
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Location and Contact Details

CCMC-Consolidated Can Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Al Kurnaysh S, Jeddah 22754, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tel: +966 12 608 3555, Fax: +966 12 608 3535


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You are always welcome to contact us, for your questions or inquiries, Please fill the form, our marketing team will respond back to you shortly.

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